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The centre is gradually gathering documentation on each Abbey, including articles, books and monographs, photos, post cards, posters, audio visual resources. Currently these documents are being classified and an inventory is being drawn up. CERCCIS also works in partnership with the creators of the site » Cistopedia. This is why the page consecrated to the Abbeys redirects to this site. Cistopedia is effectively a virtual encyclopaedia, published on the internet under the responsibility of the Cistercian family. It has three major areas :

» Monasticon with historical and practical information about each monastery, articles on the history, architecture, art, a bibliography, and photos.

» Bibliotheca with a collection of links to the most important virtual resources, revues, collections of works, libraries, organisations which are interested in Cistercian history or under Cistercian direction.

» Lexicon with information in the form of articles in different languages, (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German) on the fundamental Cistercians ideas, people, contexts.
Cistopedia aims to become a data base, useful to both academics and amateurs.

» Cistopedia

Cistercian Maps
These maps are the work of Brother Maur Cocheril of the Abbey of Porte de Salut. Through them, the ancient and contemporary Cistercian sites of a region can be discovered. There is also a Cistercian Atlas from 1974, showing monasteries of the world, country by country.

» Cistercian France [40 KB]
» Anjou [21 KB]
» Berry [23 KB]
» Burgundy [227 KB]
» Franche Comté [45 KB]
» Ile de France [54 KB]
» Maine [35 KB]
» Normandy [277 KB]
» Provence [214 KB]
» Touraine [32 KB]
» Loire Valley [192 KB]
» Switzerland [50 KB] .


The Resources Centre possesses a large collection of postcards of Cistercian monasteries. They are classed according to the alphabetical order of the monasteries. These postcards bear witness to Cistercian life throughout the 20th century.
Additions of old post cards would always be welcome and can be sent to CERCCIS.

» E-mail

Cistercian Heraldry

The inventory of Cistercian Heraldry resulted from work carried out jointly by René Dubuc, member of the French Commission for the Study of Heraldry, researcher at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, and by Maur Cocheril, monk of the Abbey of Port-du-Salut. The collections of these two researchers are currently deposited at CERCCIS, Resources Centre. Series of post cards have been produced by Cistercian Documentation, Abbey of ND de St Remy, 5430, ROCHEFORT, (Belgique).

» Examples from Series 1, 1 - 18